Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by my site.  I hope that you find it a welcoming place of learning and possibilities.  It is my privilege to work with people who are experiencing any or all of the following:

  • Small business owners just starting out who are looking for a coach to help them find balance between their business and the rest of their lives
  • Workers who start and end the day feeling that there is something else out there that would be a more fulfilling and meaningful way of making a living
  • Unemployed jobseekers who want their next job to be one that has them looking forward to every day
  • Those who find themselves in a major life transition that is either of their own choosing or one that has been laid at their doorstep

A partner, not a preacher
I work with you as a partner who believes 100% in your potential and who runs along side you shouting encouragement as you go about creating a clear vision of where you want to go.  We work together on a plan for getting you on a path towards that vision and we set accountabilities to help keep you in action.  The idea is not to change who you fundamentally are; it is about allowing who you already are to come clearly into view and be fully expressed.

A coach, not a therapist
I hear you wondering about coaching and if maybe it is the same thing as therapy.  The answer is no, coaching is not therapy.  While a therapist will typically deal with “fixing what is broken,” a coach focuses on what is working well in your life, and how you can leverage your natural talents and abilities towards achieving what you most want.  A coach assumes you are already healthy and whole, and works with you to go from being “OK” to being “great!”  And as a coach, I come to our relationship having questions and tools, not pat answers.  The answers reside in you and may just need some encouragement and space to be heard. 

Action, not navel-gazing
Coaching is not about having a series of pleasant conversations.  Coaching is about action, learning, and growth!  You may benefit from coaching if you are seriously ready to make positive changes in your life for the sake of one day looking back and saying, “Yes, I am deeply satisfied with the life I have designed and chosen to lead.” 

How does it work?
We meet in 40-minute phone-based conversations 3 times per month, starting out by focusing on who you are now and then creating clarity around what you want to accomplish, laying out a path for getting there, creating long- and short-term goals, and using between-call homework activities for keeping you in action towards the goals and the vision.

How can I learn more?
This site is a work in progress and over the next few months, we will be adding content to help you to understand coaching further, get to know me better, and to find resources that may be useful to you.  In the meantime, it would be my pleasure to talk with you personally about what you are looking for and how coaching with me (or someone else) could serve you on your life journey.

Contact me any time at alan@alanrobycoaching.com.  Here’s wishing you a soulful, fulfilling, and well-lived life!


copyright 2006 Alan Roby